Event Brew

So, What Is A Hybrid Event, Really?

July 23, 2020

It's the question on everyone's minds, and the Brew Crew is here to answer - what is a hybrid event? Sure, superficially it might seem easy to understand. But we want to go deeper than just your standard Oxford Dictionary definition. What makes hybrid events great? Why are they so important? And what can planners do to create a successful hybrid experience in a world where these types of events are gaining enormous momentum?


That's exactly what Will Curran, Thuy Diep, and Nick Borelli are bringing to the table on today's episode of Event Brew. As per usual, our incredible hosts are ready to have a candid, filter-free conversation about the topic. Everything you've ever wanted to know about design for hybrid events, how to make them stand out, and why they will be the future if done right will be discussed this week. So grab your favorite drink and join the party!

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