Event Brew

Webinar Fatigue: Learn Your Way Around It!

May 7, 2020

It’s time we talk about webinar fatigue. Because as the events industry makes its shift to virtual, this issue increases. Many people are home right now, and it’s not uncommon for some to attend several webinars a week. And some even go through several a day! So it’s no wonder attendees are starting to experience this phenomenon of webinar fatigue. After all, there are only so many hours one can sit in front of a screen and consume content before feeling completely exhausted.

But the biggest problem here is that webinar fatigue has the potential to affect our livelihood. Because as event profs, we are now dependent on people wanting to attend these virtual events. So how can we manage this newfound challenge? That’s exactly what the Brew Crew sat down to discuss this week. Our incredible hosts Will Curran, Nick Borelli, and Thuy Diep share their personal experience and insights as to why this is happening and how we can potentially tackle it. So grab your favorite drink and join us!

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