Event Brew

How Virtual Events Can Be Better Than Face To Face

June 11, 2020

Let’s talk about how virtual events can be better than face to face. Because there are a lot of misconceptions flying around in regards to virtual experiences. On the one hand, event planners everywhere are adopting this format. On the other hand, they’re only doing it because they don’t have a choice. And it’s quite hard to find someone in the industry that believes virtual events can be just as good, or even better, than in-person ones. After all, how can sitting in front of a computer ever compare to the raw and classic face to face experience?

The industry is facing a series of challenges. And when everything seems to be crumbling around us, there’s a tendency to only see the bad. So there’s clearly a lot of reluctancy on the part of event professionals when it comes to the potential success of a virtual event. But here’s the kicker – if only you open your mind to it, you might be very surprised at how virtual events can be better than face to face. So grab your favorite drink and join the Brew Crew. Because Nick Borelli, Thuy Diep, Will Curran, and Dustin Westling have a lot of wisdom to share on this week’s episode of Event Brew!

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