Event Brew

RNC Goes In-Person: Hope Or Mistake?

August 20, 2020

It’s recently been announced that the Republican National Convention will take place in-person. So not virtual, not hybrid, but fully old school. Understandably, this has been received by people all over the country with mixed reactions. Some are in chock. And some are in agreement. Others simply don’t know what to think anymore. But what we want to discuss today is how we should feel from the perspective of event professionals. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Obviously, the pandemic is still going strong in the States. Cases are steadily rising, so the return of in-person events doesn’t sound like a reasonable expectation. But now that the RNC is taking that step, should the industry rejoice? Should we be hopeful about the announcement? Or should we be wary of the consequences? Well, that’s exactly what the Brew Crew will be talking about today. So grab your favorite drink, press play, and join Will Curran, Thuy Diep, and Nick Borelli for another amazing episode of Event Brew!

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