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No Events Until 2021: The Case Of LA, New York & New Orleans

April 20, 2020

Late last week news broke that there will probably be no events until 2021. The mayor of Los Angeles confirmed it, and New York and Los Angeles were quick to follow suit. And of course, this is big news for the events industry. Even though some saw it coming, it’s still devastating on top of all the disruption that has already been caused in the industry. However, it’s important that we analyze all sides of the situation in order to draw any conclusions and strategies.

So, what will no events until 2021 mean for the industry? And what can we do to placate the impact it might have? Will virtual events be the solution? Can event profs harness this new wave to stay afloat? These are some of the questions that the Brew Crew has. And our hosts Will Curran, Thuy Diep, Dustin Westling, and Nick Borelli have a lot of opinions and insights to share. So grab your favorite drink, press play, and join us – it’s time to brew something up! For more resources and the full transcription check out the blog

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