Event Brew

The Coronavirus Impact On The Events Industry

February 6, 2020

Today’s episode of Event Brew will tackle the coronavirus impact on the events industry. As we’re all aware, the outbreak has been making headlines for a while now. And it seems only pertinent that we zoom into how this potentially affects our industry. Because as event profs, there are a million things we need to mindful of. This includes, of course, health-related issues, what our role demands in such situations, and what responsibilities we must keep in mind.

So this week, Will Curran and Nick Borelli take the stage to discuss the coronavirus impact on the events industry. What does this mean for planners? And what can we do to prevent potential issues? Are there any consequences we’re not aware of immediately? All of these questions will be discussed in-depth by our amazing duo of hosts. We also urge you to visit the resources section at the end of the post to get access to the best sources on the subject. So, if this particular topic has been on your mind, wait no further. Press play right now and let’s dive into the issue! Click here to begin. 

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