Event Brew

Stronger Together: How Event Pros Can Support Each Other Right Now

March 27, 2020

The events industry, just like many other industries right now, is suffering. And no one knows exactly what the effects of this will be in the long-run. Because this is such an unprecedented situation, fear is settling in. But on this week's episode of the Event Brew, we want to focus on unity. We want to remind every single person in the industry that if there was a time to reach out, tell your story, and talk, this is it.

You are not alone. And we are stronger together. So join our incredible hosts Will Curran, Dustin Westling, Nick Borelli, and Thuy Diep as they help you figure out just how you can support your colleagues, and be supported in return throughout these trying times. Learn more on how to support one another by reading the Blog here!

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