Event Brew

Can We Rely On Event Platforms For Audience Engagement?

July 7, 2022

The Event Brew squad is tackling a complex topic today; a topic most event planners have contemplated in the last two years. It's time to talk about audience engagement on event platforms!

The topic was inspired by Encore's article, titled 'Keep Attendees Engaged with an Interactive Event Platform'. The Event Tech Podcast has tackled this topic from multiple angles, but today, we can get an inside scoop from Dustin, Nick, and Thuy, as well.

Event professionals are divided when it comes to implementing event technology to boost audience engagement. Some swear by it, some believe that technology alone is enough to get the crowd going (spoiler alert: it's not), and some avoid it at all costs and refuse to adapt to the breakneck speed of change.

The Brew Crew, too, has many differentiating opinions about this topic. Some have confessed to mostly preferring Zoom calls over any other platforms, while others think event platforms can revolutionize events as we know them. Press play and enjoy!

See the episode show notes here.

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