Event Brew

Event Trend Reports: Is It Time For Them To Go?

November 21, 2019

Event trend reports are starting to come along now that a new year is set to begin. And to some people in the events industry, that’s the equivalent of the most wonderful time of the year. Some are either writing them or anxiously waiting to read them. But just like any other topic, event trend reports can spark some controversy amongst event professionals. Love them, hate them, or disregard them, the reports exist and show no signs of slowing down or simply dying.

So on this week’s episode of Event Brew, we’re tackling this somewhat controversial topic. Is it time for event trend reports to go? or are they actually a pretty helpful tool for our industry? As usual, we have the pleasure of counting on four different perspectives on the matter. Our lovely hosts Nick Borelli, Thuy Diep, Dustin Westling, and Will Curran all share their feelings and opinions. So, without further ado, pick up your favorite winter drink and let’s get brewing!

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