Event Brew

Event Terms: Jargon, Lingo, Acronyms & Everything In Between!

November 14, 2019

In this week's episode of Event Brew, we're going down the rabbit hole of event terms. Because let's face it, every industry has its fair share of jargon, lingo, and acronyms. And the events industry just so happens to have more than enough to go around! No matter how long you've been in the industry, you've probably been confused a couple of times. Someone uses a term, someone uses another...and all of a sudden, you're completely lost. We get you!

This is why today we're tackling the topic of event terms head-first. Our lovely hosts Thuy Diep, Dustin Westling, and Will Curran share their thoughts on all of the jargon and lingo in the industry. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something you never knew before. So press that play button and let's get brewing!

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