Event Brew

Event Planning & Politics: When Client’s Values Don’t Align

March 17, 2022

As our worlds continuously grow more uncertain and hectic, the Event Brew podcast doesn’t run out of hot topics to address. They’ve recently covered planning disruption-proof events in times of uncertainty. This week, however, they tackle another pressing and complex topic, inspired by a message from a loyal listener: the crossroads between event planning and politics.

Here’s the message: The Event Brew podcast discusses the importance of staying updated on current events that are happening within the political climate to fulfill the mission of their organization/stakeholders. Especially in the current state of political unrest in the country, who are they going to put in charge of making decisions regarding things that could be affected by the political climate? Are they going to require colleagues to stay educated within the political sphere? Are they going to consider only working with people/organizations who align with their ideal politics?

Tough questions, but nothing that the Brew Crew cannot answer. Tune in and see how Will, Dustin, Nick, and Thuy navigate working with organizations whose values don’t align with their personal beliefs – and more!

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