Event Brew

Responsibility In Events: What If Someone Gets Sick?

January 7, 2021

Over the years, event profs had to ask themselves many questions. These were anything from "what AV company should I hire" to "what color palette should I choose" and beyond. But never before, at least not to this extent, did they have to wonder about the chances of attendees being seriously harmed - or even dying. But now that COVID-19 has become part of our day to day lives, things are different. And this is why this week we'll be talking about responsibility in events.

Recently, it was reported that a wedding in Washington was linked to seven deaths. Deaths of people who didn't attend. And this got the Brew Crew thinking - where do we go from here? If we start planning hybrid events or very small gatherings, what happens if someone gets sick? How far does responsibility in events go? And what are the legal consequences? Well, time to find out. Press play and join us for another exciting episode of Event Brew!

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