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Oscars 2022: What Would You Do If Your Speakers Were Assaulted?

April 14, 2022

The Academy Awards have been the talk of the town recently. While the strictly in-person Oscars 2021 felt too exclusive, the Oscars 2022 served us some truly out-of-place drama. And where there is controversy brewing, the Brew Crew comes to discuss. But it's not just the slap that they'll touch upon. They'll also go over stage design, the production team, and give credit where credit is due.

As for the slap, they offer their thoughts as event profs with deep knowledge of how event production works. While the social media rushed to discuss who was at fault, the Brew Crew primarily wonders how could somebody simply run up the stage or make an unscripted joke. Tune in - you'll get a glimpse into the minds of event profs and by proxy, into the backstage at the Oscars. Enjoy!

Here are the episode's show notes.

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