Event Brew

Tomorrowland 2020: The Virtual Event of The Year?

September 18, 2020

Tomorrowland 2020 happened recently, and the result is something no one was expecting. Like many other high-profile events, the festival was forced to make the decision of either canceling or going virtual. Well, they chose the latter, and now the events industry has solid proof that not only can digital experiences be a success, but they can bring even better results than in-person events. And there's a lot to be discussed and learned from the whole ordeal!

So on this week's Event Brew, Will Curran, Nick Borelli, and Dustin Westling got together to bounce some ideas around. What can event professionals take away from Tomorrowland 2020? And what does its success tell us about the direction the industry is taking? Press play and join us to find out!

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