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Planning Events In 2022: The Pandemic Is Over, But Don’t Plan Like It’s 2019

May 12, 2022

As things currently stand in the events industry, we're planning events in 2022 as if the COVID-19 pandemic never existed. The mask mandates are gone and COVID compliance talk has all but disappeared. In-person events are back in all their glory. And to the Event Brew hosts, they often look identical to 2019. But is that a good thing? According to this episode, not so much.

Dustin, Nick, and Will are joined by a very special guest that some might know from #EventIcons: Deanna Nwosu. She notes that, indeed, some events look a lot like 2019 in 2022. But why is that so? What would the Brew Crew have event planners do to plan better events? 


This is a well-rounded and pragmatic episode that touches upon the reality of event planning, budgeting, event marketing, event strategy, proving event ROI, and more. Deanna's perspective adds a breath of fresh air to the Event Brew podcast, so make sure to tune in and hear what she has to say about planning events in 2022.

See episode's show notes here.

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