Event Brew

The Great Resignation: Labor Shortages In Hospitality & Events

November 4, 2021

As the pandemic hit in early 2020, people all over the world were forced to slow down for a while. For some, it was the first time in forever that they got to stop and re-evaluate their lives. And it turns out that many of them had realized just how burnt out, overworked, and undervalued they felt. More importantly, a lot of them work in hospitality and events. Enter the Great Resignation of 2021! Labor shortages in hospitality are at their peak.


The most loyal listeners will know that the Brew Crew has recently touched upon labor shortages in the events industry, but Will thought it's a topic worthy of its own episode. Nick, Thuy, and Will go over some surprising stats and elaborate on the reasons behind the labor shortage. But that's not all! As clever and resourceful as they are, they also offer some solutions to this pressing issue. In short, all it takes is a different perspective, empathy, and a pro-active attitude. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Pour some tea, press play, and join the conversation!

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