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Low In-Person Attendance Hurts Exhibitors: Here’s What Event Planners Can Do!

January 27, 2022

We might be over the biggest obstacles that COVID-19 has thrown at us (at least we can hope so), but in-person attendance is still nowhere as high as it was pre-2020. While we've talked a lot about how the pandemic affected planners and attendees, we haven't focused on exhibitors' experience all that much. We've talked about exhibitors at virtual events and virtual event sponsorship ideas. But it turns out that the biggest challenge exhibitors face doesn't live in digital space but in a world of face-to-face interactions.

In his many years in the events industry, Nick has seen and done it all. Today, he laments about the experience exhibitors have at in-person events these days. But low attendance isn't the worst part; it's event planners' behavior post-event that really grinds his gears. Tune in and learn about the exhibitor's point of view and what you can do to right the wrongs, caused by low attendance.

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