Event Brew

Summer Is Over & COVID-19 Is Back: Now What?

September 9, 2021

After a hopeful summer, filled with festivals, industry events, and a whole lot of catching up, event planners and professionals find themselves in a pickle yet again. COVID-19 cases are rising, rules and regulations around COVID-19 compliance for events are changing every month, and now, in-person events are getting canceled left and right all over again. The Brew Crew decided it's high time they share their thoughts about the dramatic return of COVID-19 in 2021 and see how their opinions have shifted since the last time they discussed it.

In a conversation that highlights both their knowledge as well as their personalities, Nick, Will, and Thuy dissect how the pandemic has impacted several sectors within the industry: corporate events, social events, and weddings, among others. They conclude that it's not just a health crisis anymore - COVID-19 is, as of 2021, also a PR and an HR issue. So, quickly brew something up and press play!

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