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Event Profs Should Embrace Metaverse Events, And Here’s Why

May 26, 2022

While the metaverse is not a fully-fledged event trend just yet, there is no denying that metaverse events will become increasingly more popular in the years to come. They might not be the one and only future of events, but event planners should nonetheless keep their pulse on it - and the Brew Crew gives some compelling arguments as to why that is.

It's not that event planners need to learn how to plan events in the metaverse or else risk staying behind. As Nick emphasizes over and over again, event professionals have a desirable skill set for those who work in the metaverse. After all, the metaverse is about designing immersive, 3D experiences - and so are in-person events.

Tune in to this educational episode about up-and-coming trends: from web 3.0 to using Fortnite as a venue. The Brew Crew explains everything in layperson's terms and gives the listeners some advice about getting started in the exciting world of futuristic event technology.

See the episode show notes here. 

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