Event Brew

Do We Even Need In-Person Events? Let’s Discuss!

December 17, 2020

Yes, we're finally asking the million-dollar question: do we even need in-person events anymore? And no, the Brew Crew isn't trying to trigger anyone here. But rather, they're interested in starting up a conversation about the challenges we are facing as an industry. And arguably one of the biggest is trying to convince people as to why spending so much money on live events is still worth it. Sure, when the pandemic subsides, we'll all run to the first concert we can find.

But what happens when the enthusiasm dies down? What happens when people are reminded of the hassle that is spending $1,200 in a live conference that is several states away? Yes, we do need in-person events. But what kind? And why? Well, join us for another episode of Event Brew, as Thuy, Nick, Will, and Dustin attempt to answer that exact question!

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