Event Brew

Designing Events With Empathy: How & Why

February 28, 2020

Why is it important to design events with empathy? Actually, let's not start there. Why is empathy important in general? And why should we, as event profs, pay any mind to it? Well, simply put, because we're humans. Because we're putting together experiences for people, and we want them to have an amazing experience. And this seems like something automatic, something we don't have to think about because we just make it happen by default. Right? Unfortunately, not quite.

So we decided to open up the conversation surrounding empathy, and designing events with empathy. The Event Brew crew is here to discuss the topic in-depth, share their opinions, and share their tips. And if you find this something that is lacking in the industry, then wait no longer to join Dustin Westling, Nick Borelli, and Thuy Diep. Press play and let's turn up the empathy! 

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