Event Brew

Controversial Speakers At Events: The Breakdown

January 30, 2020

The tea is hotter than ever today and all thanks to the topic of controversial speakers! So, you already know that the Event Brew dares to tackle topics without a filter. And the conversations you hear on this podcast are as candid as they get within the events industry. This is why we decided to go ahead and touch upon the whole ordeal of controversial speakers at events. Who are they? And why are they labeled this way? What can they mean for your event?

All of this and more is what you can expect of today's episode of Event Brew. And it wouldn't be the same without our lovely hosts! Will Curran, Nick Borelli, Dustin Westling, and Thuy Diep are ready to drink their brew and spill it. So, are you curious about what they have to say? And you simply can't wait to know more about this topic? Well, then grab your favorite pipping hot drink and press play right now! Click here for additional resources and the full transcript! 

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