Event Brew

A World Without Live Events: Finding Opportunity

March 24, 2020

As of right now, we’re facing a world without live events. And how long it will last is still uncertain. Because this is an unprecedented situation in modern days, the industry is confused. Where to go from here? And what does a world without live events mean for event profs? Many are choosing to turn to virtual events as a way to keep things moving. But there are many other things worth discussing regarding the reality we’re living right now.

This is why the Brew Crew prepared this episode. Nick Borelli and Thuy Diep got together with a very special guest, Amber Leeb, representing Canada. And this week, they’re discussing ideas about how to deal with the present situation. What is their take on virtual events? And what are the skills event profs can harness to use in other industries? All of this and more on today’s edition of Event Brew. So grab your favorite drink, press play, and join the conversation! For all resources check out our blog

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